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I have been asked this question too many times.  In fact, one of the most popular ways this question is presented is “I don’t want my guests to call me to ask, so is it okay if I simply list my gift registry on my wedding invitations?

The simple and honest answer is – NO, you should not include any gift registry information on your wedding invitations (either directly printed on your main/formal invitations or on one of your enclosures).  Traditional Wedding Etiquette considers, the inclusion of any gift information to be in very poor taste.

So how should you get the word out to your guests? There are two ways to do this:

1. Family and Friends: You simply share your wedding registry details with your family and close friends and allow them to pass this information along to your wedding guests when requested.

2. Wedding Website: You provide a “conservative” link on your wedding website with the registry information and then include your wedding website on one of the inserts or enclosures on your wedding invitations.  Do not list your wedding website directly on the main/formal invitations.  You may notice that I used the word “conservative” for the registry link on your website.  This just simply means do not overemphasize the words “Gift Registry” on your wedding website.   Simply posting a link on your home page gives your guests the option to click on the link hence leaving the decision of buying you a wedding gift or gifts entirely up to them.

For more tips on how to effectively use your wedding website, you may read my earlier blog post: “How to use a Wedding Website”

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In my last post – “Free Wedding Websites” I highlighted some popular wedding websites you may use to communicate additional wedding information to your wedding guests.  Be sure the wedding website you select reflects your personal style and taste as a couple.  Do your best to only include “enough” information and not “overwhelming” information on the wedding.  As a general guide, you may use your wedding website or wedding blog to communicate the following wedding details:

1. Your Personal photos (especially as a couple)
2. Your personal stories (for example – the proposal or engagement story)
3. Hotel Accommodations
4. Transportation or Travel Guide or Arrangements
5. Gift Registry
6. Side Attractions
7. Manage RSVP or Responses
8. Updates on your wedding plans
9. Any additional wedding information you feel will be helpful to your guests.
10. Post Wedding Information such as honeymoon photos.

As an invitation designer, I have included wedding websites on response cards, personalized map cards and guest information enclosures that go along with (and not printed directly on) the formal invitations.  Take a look at the following custom wedding map I completed for a couple showing their wedding website.  To view more maps I have produced for many brides and grooms, visit my website at www.EventHouseDesign.com

Custom Wedding Map Showing Wedding Website at Event House
Custom Wedding Map Showing Wedding Website by Event House

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Free Wedding Websites

Wedding Websites serve as a great resource for your guests.  This is now a hot new trend for engaged couples.  Many of my client’s I’ve asked me for wedding companies that offer free wedding websites so they could share additional wedding information with their guests.  Besides free wedding websites that typically offer a variety of wedding web page or website design templates to select from,  you may also opt for a paid wedding website that offers more customized options.  The following are the most popular free wedding website options:

1.  www.mywedding.com

2. www.theknot.com

3. www.weddingwire.com

You may also setup a wedding blog as well.  This has become really popular.  Some free blog resources include:

1.  www.blogger.com

2. www.wordpress.com

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