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I have been asked this question too many times.  In fact, one of the most popular ways this question is presented is “I don’t want my guests to call me to ask, so is it okay if I simply list my gift registry on my wedding invitations?

The simple and honest answer is – NO, you should not include any gift registry information on your wedding invitations (either directly printed on your main/formal invitations or on one of your enclosures).  Traditional Wedding Etiquette considers, the inclusion of any gift information to be in very poor taste.

So how should you get the word out to your guests? There are two ways to do this:

1. Family and Friends: You simply share your wedding registry details with your family and close friends and allow them to pass this information along to your wedding guests when requested.

2. Wedding Website: You provide a “conservative” link on your wedding website with the registry information and then include your wedding website on one of the inserts or enclosures on your wedding invitations.  Do not list your wedding website directly on the main/formal invitations.  You may notice that I used the word “conservative” for the registry link on your website.  This just simply means do not overemphasize the words “Gift Registry” on your wedding website.   Simply posting a link on your home page gives your guests the option to click on the link hence leaving the decision of buying you a wedding gift or gifts entirely up to them.

For more tips on how to effectively use your wedding website, you may read my earlier blog post: “How to use a Wedding Website”

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1. Not ordering the right quantity – This can go one way or the other, either ordering too many invitations or not ordering enough.  A popular example of ordering too many is – allocating two invitations to a Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, instead of allocating one invitation to them as they are a couple that live at the same address and should only receive one.

2. Not allowing enough time for the design, production and mailing of your wedding invitations.  I have observed that many brides and grooms leave the selection of their wedding invitations to the last task on their wedding to do list.  The danger of leaving this stage of their wedding plans to the last minute results in two things – the unnecessary stress of a time crunch and the incurring of rush charges in some cases. For more tips on this, read my blog post “When should I order my wedding invitations?”

3. Not proofing adequately – Not properly reviewing your invitation design proofs is a big budget and time buster.  Be sure to take the time to review every single detail on your wedding invitation design proofs – check dates, spellings, venues, addresses, sizes, ink selection, check everything from A to Z.  Do not overlook any detail for any reason.

4. Not properly addressing your wedding invitation envelopes with correctly spelled guest names and titles.

5. Using poor materials in the design of your invitations such as poor quality papers and color combinations, poorly manufactured embellishments and accents.

6. Not applying adequate postage. For some brides, they do exceptionally well until this point.  To avoid this mistake, simply take a complete invitation set to the post office and have a postmaster check the weight of your sample and provide you with the adequate postage required to mail your wedding invitations to your guests.

7. Not seeking the guidance of a professional wedding invitation designer or stationer.  A professional wedding invitationer provides top to bottom guidance from proper design aesthetics to wedding invitation etiquette and everything in between.  Be sure to research and interview a professional who will be patient and flexible enough to work with you every step of the design process.

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