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The touch of a motif on a wedding invitation has grown very popular in the last decade.  Many couple’s look to convey a special message with the soft touch of a motif.  Interestingly, many classic motifs convey very special marriage related themes on a wedding invitation.  I have highlighted a few below.  I will update this list as I discover the meanings of more motifs, enjoy the many options:

  1. Apple  – Love, Knowledge, Fertility
  2. Bamboo – Devotion, Lasting Love
  3. Bee – Faithfulness
  4. Bird – The Soul
  5. Butterfly – Joy, The Soul
  6. Chandelier – Past, Present and Future, Luxury, Wealth
  7. Clasped Hands –  Union, Friendship
  8. Dog – Loyalty, Fidelity
  9. Double Happiness – A Chinese Symbol for Joy
  10. Dove – Peace
  11. Feather – Truth
  12. Fern – Sincerity
  13. Fleur de lis – Hope, Affection
  14. Knot – Union
  15. Lady Bug – Luck
  16. Lotus – Past, Present and Future
  17. Palm Tree – Blessings
  18. Peacock – Desire, Love
  19. Peony – Love, Happiness, Good Fortune
  20. Pineapple – Hospitality, Fertility
  21. Rose – Love, Passion, Desire
  22. Shell – Life, Good Fortune
  23. Starfish – Divine Love
  24. Sunflower – Longevity

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Still discussing colors, I have highlighted some color combinations that many brides have fallen in love with in recent times.  Please leave your comments, I’d love to know other color combinations you’ve seen that really got your attention.

  1. Red, Black and White
  2. Pink, Black and White
  3. Yellow and Grey/Silver
  4. Yellow and Navy Blue
  5. Hot Pink and Baby Pink
  6. Hot Pink and Orange
  7. Hot Pink and Silver
  8. Hot Pink and Spice
  9. Chocolate Brown and Copper/Burnt Orange
  10. Chocolate Brown and Gold
  11. Chocolate Brown and Pink
  12. Chocolate Brown and Light Blue
  13. Turquoise and Red
  14. Turquoise and White
  15. Turquoise and Ivory
  16. Purple and Ivory
  17. Purple and Gold

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