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Besides your formal engagement, completing your wedding invitation list is one of the most important things you’ll need to take care of tactfully. Putting together your guest list will require a lot of thought and consideration – Who to invite, who not to invite, who should receive an announcement instead of a formal wedding invitation, etc.  Another thing to note is – every major decision regarding the wedding revolves around the total number of guests from your final wedding invitation list.

To get you started and as a general rule, family members and close friends should be sent wedding invitations even if they live far away from you. You may also send your formal wedding invitation to both parents as a keepsake only. Don’t forget members of your wedding party also known as your wedding attendants including the minister, officiant or clergy administering the wedding ceremony. If you are a couple planning a smaller wedding, your wedding invitation list may even be more intimate – the decision is entirely up to you. The key thing to remember when setting up your wedding invitation list is this – do whatever you can to ensure you don’t leave out anyone you really want and need to be at your wedding.

Quick Tips to help you setup your wedding invitation guest list:
1. Carry a small pocket notebook with you after your engagement to keep a list of anyone who comes to mind while you are out and about with your daily activities. If anyone comes to mind, make a note and when it’s time for you to finalize your list, you may review all of your sources together and create the official wedding invitation list.

2. Start a simple electronic spreadsheet with the following headers/columns below. The benefits to starting an electronic list are a. You and your spouse-to-be can share one single file or merge your individual lists once your guest list compilation is complete. b. You may send this list to your choice calligrapher or whoever is addressing your wedding invitation envelopes.

Helpful Headers for your Spreadsheet:

  1. Primary Guest Name
  2. Secondary or Additional Guest Name (if you are inviting someone else from the same address and they are not married to the primary guest for example – children ages 12 and under).
  3. Street Address
  4. City and State
  5. Zipcode
  6. Total Number of Invited Guests

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