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So you recently got engaged and like most brides, you have so many tasks to tackle before the wedding.  A major decision you need to make besides selecting the wedding date is determining your wedding guest size and consequently compile a wedding guest list.  Completing the prior will give you a head start on quantities needed for each of your wedding stationery items.

To help you have one less thing to worry about, I have put together a quick wedding stationery checklist to get you started.  Please note that some items may not apply to you.  For additional quick tips on getting started on your wedding invitations and stationery items, you may also read my other blog post “Getting Started on your Wedding Invitation Guest List“.

Complete Custom Wedding Stationery Items at Event House Houston
Complete Custom Wedding Stationery Items at Event House, Houston

The Wedding Stationery Checklist


  • Save the dates
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
  • Custom Wedding Maps
  • Custom Monogram Design
  • Envelopes
  • Envelope Seals
  • Stamps
  • Welcome Guest Bags
  • Wedding Itinerary
  • Envelope Addressing/Calligraphy


  • Ceremony Programs
  • Escort/Place Cards/Seating Cards
  • Favors


  • Menu Cards
  • Personalized Napkins
  • Reception Programs


  • Announcements
  • Thank You Notes

Happy Planning!
Vivian @ Event House


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1. Not ordering the right quantity – This can go one way or the other, either ordering too many invitations or not ordering enough.  A popular example of ordering too many is – allocating two invitations to a Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith, instead of allocating one invitation to them as they are a couple that live at the same address and should only receive one.

2. Not allowing enough time for the design, production and mailing of your wedding invitations.  I have observed that many brides and grooms leave the selection of their wedding invitations to the last task on their wedding to do list.  The danger of leaving this stage of their wedding plans to the last minute results in two things – the unnecessary stress of a time crunch and the incurring of rush charges in some cases. For more tips on this, read my blog post “When should I order my wedding invitations?”

3. Not proofing adequately – Not properly reviewing your invitation design proofs is a big budget and time buster.  Be sure to take the time to review every single detail on your wedding invitation design proofs – check dates, spellings, venues, addresses, sizes, ink selection, check everything from A to Z.  Do not overlook any detail for any reason.

4. Not properly addressing your wedding invitation envelopes with correctly spelled guest names and titles.

5. Using poor materials in the design of your invitations such as poor quality papers and color combinations, poorly manufactured embellishments and accents.

6. Not applying adequate postage. For some brides, they do exceptionally well until this point.  To avoid this mistake, simply take a complete invitation set to the post office and have a postmaster check the weight of your sample and provide you with the adequate postage required to mail your wedding invitations to your guests.

7. Not seeking the guidance of a professional wedding invitation designer or stationer.  A professional wedding invitationer provides top to bottom guidance from proper design aesthetics to wedding invitation etiquette and everything in between.  Be sure to research and interview a professional who will be patient and flexible enough to work with you every step of the design process.

Vivian @ Event House

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Selecting your wedding invitations should not be a rushed process.  I say this because your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests get into your special day.  For this reason, plan enough time for the design, proofing, assembling and mailing of your wedding invitations.  You also want to include adequate time for your guests to reply or RSVP.

Mary Pocket Wedding Invitations by Event House
Mary Custom Pocket Wedding Invitations by Event House

An industry average for most wedding invitation designers, stationers, invitationers or printers is approximately 6 to 8 weeks for complete production.  For some an average turn around is 4 to 6 weeks.  No matter the turn around time of your selected stationer, the truth is – you will do yourself much good by allowing ample time for your wedding invitations to be completed in good fashion.

If you think about all of the time frames I have just mentioned you should arrive at the following rough timeline:
1. 6 to 8 weeks before mailing for invitation design and production
2. plus another 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding for sending out wedding invitations
3. You have a grand total time frame of approximately 16 weeks which equals a minimum of 3 – 4 months.

Note that some more elaborate wedding invitation designs require more design and production times. With this said, it is an absolute great idea to start considering your wedding invitations once your wedding venues have been secured.  This could be any where from 6 to 9 months before your wedding. This will allow you adequate time to complete this stage of your wedding plans.

The fact is, there are many wedding invitation options out there. Be sure to take your time to research and carefully select “the perfect” wedding invitations for your very special day.

Vivian @ Event House

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1.  Get Engaged – You may be surprised to read number 1, but I have met a few brides at Bridal Shows who are out shopping already just in case “he proposes“.  While I do want every young woman to meet and marry the gentleman of their dreams.  I do want to suggest, that every bride and bride to be should formally wait until an engagement is confirmed by a formal proposal either shared by the couple only or with family and friends before commencing on wedding plans especially wedding invitations.

2. Pick a Date – Agree on a suitable wedding date for you as a couple or with family.  Do you want a winter wedding or would a fall wedding be more appropriate for you as a couple?  These elements do play a vital role in the kind of wedding invitations you select for your special day.

3.  Determine Your Guest Size – Will you be inviting 5, 50 or 500 guests? Your guest size does affect every single detail of the wedding especially the wedding budget if it exists in your case.

4.  Deternine Your Personal Wedding Style – How formal do you want your wedding to be?  Are you more of a modern style couple or do you take a more traditional approach to your every day lifetsyles. In most cases, your wedding guests can draw ideas on what to wear from the look, feel and details of your wedding invitations.  Be sure to order wedding invitations that reflect your true style and taste – Invitations that you are absolutely proud of!

5.  Secure the Wedding Venues – This includes venues for both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.  Along with booking the wedding venues is the confirmation of the wedding start times. Would you prefer a morning mass or a sunset wedding?

These 5 steps will help you pre-envision your special day and help ensure that you order the most approporiate otherwise known as the perfect wedding invitations.

Vivian @ Event House

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Johnson Couture Silk Wedding Invitation Box Design by Event House

Johnson Couture Silk Wedding Invitation Box Design by Event House

A wedding is a unique celebration like no other event in a person’s lifetime and the wedding invitation sets the tone for this special occasion. Besides making the couple’s engagement announcement formal, the wedding invitation also builds the anticipation for the couple’s debut as Mr. and Mrs. and sets the stage for the many elements of the wedding day. The selection of the perfect wedding invitation is very important and for some – almost as important as the dress.

I have met brides that skipped many traditional wedding elements to satisfy the need for “The Perfect Invitation”.  Now I believe that every bride is unique and distinguished in her own way and no two brides are the same but I also believe that every bride should invest some level of attention and detail to the selection of the appropriate wedding invitation.  I don’t say this because I am a professional wedding invitation designer but I say this because I’ve been a bride (now a wife and mom) and looking back, I am glad I invested some level of attention to this stage of my wedding plans.

I have also had many brides say – Why invest anything on what guests will simply read and throw away in minutes?  I simply reply this way – “selecting the perfect invitation is simply investing in your memories – sweet memories you can draw from as the days and years go by“.  You only get one chance to be this age at this present time to get married – would you want to look back many years from now or even months from now and wish you had truly gotten what you wanted?  Now I am an avid believer in planning and producing a wedding within your means, so please don’t mistake getting what you truly want to going over your means but simply put, every detail of your special day is just as important – your wedding invitations should not be overlooked or neglected – regardless of your budget.

Vivian @ Event House

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