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I’m glad someone asked this question.  Wedding Invitation Tissue is not the same as Vellum Paper.  The major difference is this – Tissues are usually very, very thin and light in weight and typically used for protecting invitation cards (simply by placing the tissue over the actual invitation card).  Tissues are not heavy enough to even fit into a home printer needless to mention a commercial printing press but Vellum papers may do all of the above.  Vellum papers may be used for protecting or adorning invitations (not necessarily protecting the ink) but adding a classic elegant finish to invitations.  Even though vellum papers come in varying weights, the sheets are usually suitable enough for printing.  There is generally a considerable price difference in both kinds of papers, so be sure you ask and get exactly what you need. Please do not confuse both or interchange the names.  You may also read my previous post on Wedding Invitation Tissues.


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Recently, I’ve had a few brides ask me about tissues for their wedding invitations. A few brides have mentioned they haven’t received many wedding invitations with tissues lately.  Well this is what I’ve found – 1. Most invitation companies are taking more responsibility to make a positive impact on our environment and as a result are attempting to reduce the use of paper where necessary. 2. Based on research studying the buying patterns of brides, it’s been found that more brides no longer use tissues with their wedding invitations.

You may ask – What is the use of those tissues any way?  Well, in the past, tissues were layered over wedding invitations to prevent wet ink from smearing unto envelopes or other wedding invitation enclosures.  With the vast improvement of printing technology (and I mean major improvement from what my Mom had on her wedding invitations), today’s inks no longer smear making the use of wedding invitation tissues uncessary.

For the bride who dreamed of completing her wedding invitations with tissues – you may request custom wedding invitation tissues from your personal invitation designer.  At the Event House, we keep a reasonable supply of tissues and we are willing to provide this to you for a small fee.

Vivian @ Event House

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