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Happy New Year to all our friends, clients and clients to be!  What a privilege to be alive and well.  I want to start the year by being grateful.  I am truly grateful to the Lord for everything and I really mean everything.  As I write this blog post, I lay relaxed in my sofa at home reflecting on how the past year went and through it all I must say that I am grateful for all of the following and more:

1. For Life – I am grateful for the opportunity I had in 2009 to get up every morning to love, nurture and serve my dear family and faithful friends, my growing business and hardworking team, my loyal clients and my humble self.

2. For People – In 2009, we “Event House” had the opportunity to increase our production team to accommodate the increase in demand for our products and services. We also were blessed with many past clients as well as wedding and event professionals who sent new referrals and businesses our way – Thank you!

3. For Skills – In 2009, I took on more challenges – challenges that enabled me to develop my business and design skills further.  I also got the opportunity to train and develop my staff to project the level of kindness and special attention every single client of ours deserves regardless of their order amount.  As a team, we also paid attention to our weaknesses, learned quickly from our mistakes and made fast improvements to prevent future occurrences – one of these lessons and improvement was managing our workload efficiently and timely.  Our clients were very grateful for this!

4. For technology – We harnessed the strength and power of technology by implementing internet applications that really made the  whole design and proofing process easy for our clients.  A big one was our appointment scheduling  feature from our website.  Our clients’ love this feature and gave us many positive feedback.

5. For competition – I’m grateful for the chance to compete in our local market to bring the best value to the clients we serve.  With many companies promoting all kinds of sales gimmicks,  we learned to stay focused on what’s more important – our clients, their unique needs and the excellent products and services we provide them.

Moving forward, I am grateful once again for the opportunity to see another year and I look forward to giving a “better” of my best to every moment the Lord gives me.  Happy New Year and many cheers to you!

Vivian @ Event House


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Hello Everyone,

I just want to share how excited I am about our brand new website coming soon. We are working hard here at the house to make sure this new beautiful site is released as soon as possible.  Please be sure to check back soon and let me know your thoughts, comments and feedback.  I’d appreciate it.  Many thanks for your loyalty and support!


Vivian @ Event House

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Welcome to the brand new blog for Event House in Houston, Texas.  We are an innovative wedding and event company specializing in remarkable wedding invitations and event stationery design.  We are excited to provide our expert professional resource as well as the finest details and trends in weddings and special occasions to our clients and our community.  Be sure to visit our website at www.EventHouseDesign.com.    Let us know your questions and comments and how we can further assist you!


Vivian J. Adeniyi
Designer, Creative Director
EVENT HOUSE, Houston, Texas

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